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BeschreibungRussian addon for 'The Ur-Quan Masters' game
Archiv/RepositoryOffizielles Debian Archiv squeeze (contrib)
Installierte Größe1496 Byte
Hängt ab vonuqm (>= 0.6.2.dfsg-5)
Empfohlene Pakete
PaketbetreuerDmitry E. Oboukhov
Paketgröße1046348 Byte
Prüfsumme MD5695a77c9af42d5b0aa3f8ecab1463d7c
Prüfsumme SHA15daaadcebf5afb377000fe592faff4a66e80d640
Prüfsumme SHA2567c27d3b7d8a0c22df2caa7eeff66ce062fb7248c48915550298800a554fb2018
Link zum Herunterladenuqm-russian_1.0.2-5_all.deb
Ausführliche BeschreibungYou return to Earth with a vessel built from technology discovered from an ancient race called the Precursors only to find it enslaved. Gather allies from a wide variety of races, engage in space combat with various foes, and save the galaxy from the Ur-Quan! . The Ur-Quan Masters is derived from the classic game Star Control II. It includes both the adventure game described above and a fast-paced Super Melee. . This package provides Russian menus and dialogs for the game.

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