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BeschreibungNews transport system `InterNetNews' by the ISC and Rich Salz
Archiv/RepositoryOffizielles Debian Archiv squeeze (main)
Installierte Größe2208 Byte
Hängt ab vonlibc6 (>= 2.7), libperl5.10 (>= 5.10.1), cron, default-mta | mail-transport-agent, time, perl, perla
Empfohlene Pakete
PaketbetreuerMarco d'Itri
Paketgröße812270 Byte
Prüfsumme MD56f9f3d74b512fec5573296ea7afe6368
Prüfsumme SHA161182dd9c366df8645e41fb56d36ad43565d9977
Prüfsumme SHA256e9a61e61f0f8c901735c507c6fcbd0c0ef29f8f1f4becfdd47970e8812046536
Link zum Herunterladeninn_1.7.2q-39+squeeze1_i386.deb
Ausführliche BeschreibungThis is INN version 1.x, provided for smaller sites which do not need the complexity of INN 2.x. Large sites should use Debian's inn2 package instead. . The news transport is the part of the system that stores the articles and the lists of which groups are available and so on, and provides those articles on request to users. It receives news (either posted locally or from a newsfeed site), files it, and passes it on to any downstream sites. Each article is kept for a period of time and then deleted (this is known as `expiry'). . By default Debian's INN will install in a fairly simple `local-only' configuration. . In order to make use of the services provided by INN you'll have to use a user-level newsreader program such as trn. The newsreader is the program that fetches articles from the server and shows them to the user, remembering which the user has seen so that they don't get shown again. It also provides the posting interface for the user.

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