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BeschreibungGNU Image Finding Tool - perl modules
Archiv/RepositoryOffizielles Debian Archiv squeeze (main)
Installierte Größe336 Byte
Hängt ab vongnuift (>= 0.1.14-9), gnuift (<< 0.1.14-9.1~), perl (>= 5.6.0-16), imagemagick, libtext-iconv-perl,
Empfohlene Pakete
PaketbetreuerDebian QA Group
Paketgröße83336 Byte
Prüfsumme MD5451d3c3edaa319e9cbce85c43fa06bee
Prüfsumme SHA10322f1e09fc916af8eb491b56ff728590d69cef6
Prüfsumme SHA256a5c3a1911d72a7229315d46968d602231951d0771f8cabbbde93207d9d651070
Link zum Herunterladengnuift-perl_0.1.14-9_all.deb
Ausführliche BeschreibungArchitecture independent perl modules of gnuift. The application is contained in the gnuift package. . The GIFT (the GNU Image-Finding Tool) is a Content Based Image Retrieval System (CBIRS). It enables you to do Query By Example on images, giving you the opportunity to improve query results by relevance feedback. For processing your queries the program relies entirely on the content of the images, freeing you from the need to annotate all images before querying the collection. . The GIFT comes with a tool which lets you index whole directory trees containing images in one go. You then can use the GIFT server and its client, to browse your own image collections. . The GIFT is an open framework. The developers explicitly have taken into account the possibility of adding new ways of querying to the framework. The communication protocol for client-server communication, MRML, is XML based and fully documented ( This aims at promoting code reuse among researchers and application developers. . To avoid a name clash with the "gift" package (a fasttrack filesharing client), these packages have been named "gnuift" (also to stress that gnuift is a GNU project).

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