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BeschreibungMakes building complex GUI's easy
Archiv/ wheezy (main)
Installierte Größe511 Byte
Hängt ab vonperl, libgtk2-perl
Empfohlene Pakete
PaketbetreuerChristian Marillat
Paketgröße208994 Byte
Prüfsumme MD5ece74ea27829b0442ffdd577faad98e6
Prüfsumme SHA19620df1591feb0c3c9dd3fba6d84d9c06d825bfc
Prüfsumme SHA2568eb7ac47b4ee51b59743d1f1f6f6fd705a3dae8a36a8d33861a9c4c83387b1ee
Link zum Herunterladengtk2-ex-formfactory-perl_0.67-dmo1_all.deb
Ausführliche BeschreibungThis is a framework which tries to make building complex GUI's easy, by offering these two main features: . * Consistent looking GUI without the need to code resp. tune each widget by hand. Instead you declare the structure of your GUI, connect it to the data of your program (which should be a well defined set of objects) and control how this structure is transformed into a specific layout in a very generic way. . * Automatically keep widget and object states in sync (in both directions), even with complex data structures with a lot of internal dependencies, object nesting etc.

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